Bridge Surveys are on conducted only by certified Aids Verifiers who have been trained in the new bridge program. For Aids Verifiers who were trained prior to the initiation of the new bridge program in 2006, an AV Workshop covering the new bridge program will be required before they conduct Bridge Surveys. To schedule this bridge training, Aids Verifiers should contact their sector ADSO-NS via their FSO and SO-NS.

Two main functions are carried out during the survey:

• Bridge Discrepancy Reports – these are reports of a problem observed on a bridge that can be submitted by any member. The ATON team then forwards these to the Coast Guard Bridge Office, who then notifies the bridge owner to have repairs made.

• Comprehensive Bridge Surveys – these are detailed reviews of a bridge, its lights, fenders, signs and clearance gauges to compare them to the C.G. issued bridge permit, to insure the bridge is in compliance with its permit. Bridge Surveys are done by certified Aids Verifiers, who have been trained for the bridge program.

The surveys conducted by us have the authorized accreditation. The bridge survey requires a huge back drop of experience as well as a keen eye to minute details.